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SOPHIA’S CHOICE: Sophia Neophitou Apostolou, the London-based stylist and editor in chief of 10 magazine, has launched 10 Curates, an e-commerce site with hand-picked merchandise – and a wide variety of price points – from her favorite addresses, brands and suppliers.

Neophitou Apostolou, who founded the indie fashion magazine in 2001, said the site was a long-held dream and that the products reflect her taste. She said she won’t be pushing the product that features in her biannual magazine, although some of the artwork that appears in 10’s pages is available for purchase.

photograph Chris Moore

A photograph by Chris Moore  Courtesy Photo

She’s packed 10Curates.com with items including Seventies ephemera, Twenties Christmas baubles, art, furniture, jewelry and first-edition books. She’s included the names of her favorite art dealer in Paris, Jonathan Kugel, and products from the vintage and antiques store, In Da Cottage, which she visits with Roland Mouret in Suffolk, England.

“It’s very personal – like a dialogue between like-minded friends,” said Neophitou Apostolou in an interview. “I’m giving up all my secret places and sharing information.” Brands that are set to appear on the site include Azzi Glasser fragrances, the new flower delivery service Flowerbx and Delfina Delettrez.

Antiques by dealer Les Couilles du Chien

Antiques by dealer Les Couilles du Chien  Courtesy Photo

Neophitou Apostolou and her team took two years to create 10 Curates and have done it as a one-cart shop, with all purchases happening on the site. 10 Curates takes a percentage of all sales, and does not hold stock.

Prices range from around 20 pounds, or $25 at current exchange, for first-edition books to 30,000 pounds, or $37,716, for original artwork. The mix, she said, is based on taste rather than price point and is much more a labor of love than a commercial proposition. “Money is not the motivation – I don’t know if people are going to buy into my taste,” she said.

Next up for Neophitou Apostolou is the launch of a creative agency, but that project is a medium-term one, and at least a year away. She called all the projects “part of my creative language, and about 10 being more than just a print magazine.”