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Marketers need to look no further than their social feeds to discover their next campaign strategy. As Millennials and Generation Z-ers take over for the Baby Boomers in spending power, retailers and brands will benefit vastly from invading the space in which these socially charged demographics source confidence and purchase approval: social media.

Tribe Dynamics, a digital marketing strategy agency applied its earned media value criteria to fashion and beauty bloggers and influencers for the calendar year of 2016. The agency assigns a specific dollar value to each piece of content based on the publishing value of digital word of mouth. According to Tribe Dynamics, these are the individuals who contributed the most to the success of the top brands in the space, across fashion and beauty sectors. Traditional publications and content aggregators were removed from the list.

The role of the micro-influencer has been gaining momentum as brands and retailers learn that it’s not just about the amount of followers, it’s about the quality of engagement the bloggers provide on their behalf. With that in mind, it’s fashion blogger Julia Kuczyńska of who tops the list, boasting $64.8 million in earned media value.

Kuczyńska has one of the lower follower levels compared to other personalities on the list who easily possess into the millions of followers and subscribers. E-commerce sites like Revolve have hit marketing home runs with campaigns like their Revolve Hamptons house. The e-shop invited influencers like Aimee Song of Song and Style and mega-celebrities like Chrissy Teigen to the house to enjoy poolside sunning and ‘grammable backdrops primed for plenty of selfies.

As Millennials and Generation Z members look to social media for product discovery and spending approval, it’s the authenticity and apparent accessibility of social powerhouses that guides the decision-making. They’re wise to traditional advertising schemes and won’t be swayed by hollow efforts that might have once worked with older demographics. They want to peruse their social feeds and initiate engagement on their own terms. That goes for shopping, too.