ABRAMSON’S BLITZ: Jill Abramson, the recently ousted executive editor of The New York Times, is suddenly everywhere. Perhaps to the dismay of her former employer.

Abramson, who was dismissed in May, gave two interviews on Tuesday, one on WABC 77 AM radio with Rita Cosby and Pat Kiernan, and the other with nonprofit organization The Common Good. While the latter touched on the state of political journalism, the former addressed her departure from the newspaper.

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“I look back on it with a lot of pride, because I had a wonderful career at The New York Times. It’s true that my departure was abrupt,” Abramson said. “I love journalism today as much as I always have.”

Although the reason for Abramson’s departure was never overtly spelled out, as widely reported, chairman and publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. released a series of statements pointing to Abramson’s poor management style. Cosby and Kiernan asked Abramson directly about her thoughts on that.

“That is what he has said publicly,” she said, adding that she led a newsroom that “upheld the best of journalism.

“I respect Mr. Sulzberger. He said what he said and that is his take,” Abramson offered, but bristled when Cosby asked her about sexism at the Times.

“I’m now past the point of wanting to rehash these issues,” she said. “I’m not going to talk about that.”

But she did talk about that in a story for Cosmopolitan, which will appear in its September issue. A shortened version was published on the magazine’s Web site Tuesday, in which Abramson admitted to experiencing “sexism” during story sessions at the Times. She noted that her ideas were often credited to male colleagues.

“I didn’t pipe up in real time. I did grouse about it with other women in the office, which, in some ways, is safer and more cowardly but is very comforting and kind of gratifying,” she said.

Abramson’s interviews precede two splashier appearances this week.

Today, Abramson will sit down with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, at 7 p.m., for a live televised interview, and on Thursday, Yahoo’s Katie Couric will release her interview with Abramson. According to reports, she will talk to Couric about the challenges facing women in the workplace, life at the Times and the changing media landscape.

Abramson has already touched on those hot-button issues following her termination from the Times when she delivered Wake Forest University’s commencement address in late May. In that speech, she spoke vaguely about her dismissal and about resilience in the face of discrimination.

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