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UPPING THE GAME: Is kicking butt in the gym any different than kicking butt on the job? Adidas Group doesn’t think so, an idea it exalts on, a new Web site devoted to what it calls a “sports-inspired business lifestyle.”

The digital magazine replaces a five-year-old blog, and is targeted as much at the general public as the group’s 56,000 employees.

“If we can do handstand pushups just as well as any man in the company, who says we can’t hold our own on stage next to top executives? That’s empowering,” writes Olivia Rotenberg, who works in the communications department at Reebok.

The site includes first-person articles from assorted Adidas staffers sharing tips on career advancement and how to maintain a positive attitude, for example. Mixed in are interviews with experts, including a sports psychologist and fitness executives such as Florian Gschwandtner, chief executive of start-up Runtastic.

An Adidas spokesman said members of the public are invited to submit articles, which will be curated by the group’s corporate communications department. While the content is meant to inspire and educate, it also builds the reputation of Adidas and acts as a subtle recruitment tool, the spokesman added.

Content on the hub can be shared on the company’s intranet as well as on Twitter and LinkedIn “to grow the community,” Adidas noted.

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