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NEW YORK — A self-proclaimed “denim guy,” Adrian Grenier, actor, director and environmentalist, is the new face of Buffalo David Bitton.

Photographer Russell James snapped the “Entourage” star with model and wildlife photographer Amber Arbucci. The shoot took place in December inside a dilapidated mansion in Old Westbury. The multimedia marketing campaign will launch in March issues of women’s and men’s fashion and lifestyle magazines, as well as in outdoor and online media.

Known for playing Vincent Chase in the HBO comedy-drama “Entourage,” Grenier, 38, will star in the “Entourage” film that comes out in June. He is also producing a documentary called “52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale,” which Buffalo is helping to finance through its Blank Check Series, which offers visionaries, influencers, performers and artists funding to be used to create engaging multidimensional content.

In an interview, Grenier told WWD, “I got really excited to work with Buffalo, particularly because they were interested in my creative input. I would never want to be ‘the model guy,’ but I really was very excited they actually wanted to do something beyond a fashion campaign. I helped cast my costar and helped choose the photographer as well,” he said. Grenier said he’s known Arbucci for many years and they’ve always bonded on ocean conservation. “For me, she was a great fit for that reason, along with Russell who also supports environmental causes,” said Grenier.

A Brooklyn resident, Grenier said he got on a creative call with the Buffalo marketing team and discussed how they could do something “beyond jeans that was cool and sexy and fun but also had a little more depth to it as well.” His documentary follows the search for the 52 Hertz Whale, which scientists believe has spent its entire life in solitude, calling out at a frequency that is different from any other whale. Buffalo will include the documentary in its marketing campaign.

The striking black-and-white Buffalo images show Grenier and Arbucci wearing denim styles and other looks from Buffalo’s spring collection, such as fleece jeans, casual button-down shirts and Ts.

Dari Marder, chief marketing officer for Iconix Brand Group Inc., which is in a joint venture with Buffalo, said: “He [Adrian] was amazing. When we think about casting, we try and find someone who would authentically embrace the brand. It has to be someone who embodies what we think our brand is about and feels like a denim guy, and that was Adrian. He’s the quintessential ‘guys’ guy’: girls love him, and guys want to hang with him.

“There’s so much buzz and excitement about Adrian right now, and the ‘Entourage’ movie and his special passion project that we became involved with, and he felt like the right, authentic fit for the brand,” she added. She said Buffalo will also do special products around the documentary, as well.

With the Blank Check partnership, the spring ad budget is up from a year ago, said Marder. The print and online budget is equal to that of a year ago, with a robust outdoor campaign in the U.S. and Canada, as well as sports marketing. Ads will appear in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, Details, Maxim, Nylon Guys, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Nylon and Vogue throughout March, April and May. Grenier will be doing appearances on behalf of Buffalo, and the denim brand will get involved with the release of “Entourage.” “We’re building that program with Warner Bros., as we speak. It’s natural for us to partner with the film,” said Marder, who hopes to sponsor the film’s premiere. It’s a year-long partnership with Grenier.

Asked about his own style, Grenier said, “I’m a jeans guy. I like to mix-and-match and wear what actually fits me. I don’t know if anybody is a one-brand kind of person.” He previously did a jeans and sportswear campaign in Switzerland several years ago, but this is his first U.S. campaign.

Grenier said he intends to wear Buffalo during his off hours. “One of the perks of the partnership is I got to walk away with some cool duds,” he said.

Grenier, whose film credits include “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Sex, Death & Bowling,” “Cecil B Demented” and “Goodbye World” said he thoroughly enjoyed himself on the set. “I am rarely doing still photography shoots; I much prefer the moving picture and acting. Because I was with Amber, whom I’ve known for many years, that made it more comfortable. Russell is such a great artist and photographer. We all knew we were there for something important, supporting ‘The Loneliest Whale’ and the oceans.…The clothes looked good, so I think Buffalo’s happy. It was a win for everybody.”

As for his film career, he said the “Entourage” movie is pretty much done. “We may have one pick-up scene. I’m very excited. It’s a good movie. I think it’s going to surprise people. It’s bigger in scope. I think it’s the ‘ultimate bromance,’” he said.