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Men'sWeek issue 05/19/2011

The Jane Hotel played host to a Nineties-gothic tableau vivant last night: Courtney Love, Michael Stipe and Jane Pratt scrunched together laughing on a bench in front of a roaring fireplace as the launch party of Pratt’s newest media venture winded down. Love put on Stipe’s dorky back-frame glasses. The DJ played “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.” A sticker on the gigantic mirror over the fireplace read “Jane @ the Jane.”

“It was more of adrenaline rush than Sassy, Jane or any of the TV/radio stuff that I’ve done,” Pratt said earlier in the evening about the first few days of running her new site,, which went live Monday. “I don’t know why exactly. It was somehow the combination of the live aspect of it and getting the feedback so quickly. That’s why I’m crashing now because I was so high for the last two days, I couldn’t believe it.”

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She said she would have to work on learning “how to get some downtime,” and that not being able to “perfect things” on the site before they’re made public has been the biggest challenge so far. But other things about the web are coming naturally to the Pratt. “The putting myself out there, the hyper-personal, transparent, warts-and-all aspect is really comfortable and natural,” she said. The site so far has emphasized confessional writing. Pratt’s biography page on the website is a good example: After her age and Twitter handle, she tells readers “98 percent of my lifetime orgasms have been faked.”

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