ALL FOR JOANNA: Sarah Jessica Parker and Naomi Wolf had lunch on Monday at Michael’s. The two did not get together on their own. Joanna Coles had convened them, and 98 more of New York’s most accomplished women, for a noon luncheon. Much has been made of Cole’s sense of humor — “she’s funny and smart,” trilled Parker — but sitting the star of “Sex and the City” and the author of the new, important book “Vagina” next to each other must surely rank as one of her greatest gags.

Wolf and Parker were just a few of the names plucked from Coles’ well-thumbed address book for her first major event as editor in chief of Cosmopolitan. The room was crammed with the kinds of high-achievers that already treat Michael’s as their own personal cafeteria. Diane von Furstenberg was there, so was The Weinstein Company’s Meryl Poster, and Billy Joel’s ex, Katie Lee.

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Parker had come because Coles, in her time at Marie Claire, had been supportive of many of her film projects. “In all sincerity, I was told it was a luncheon for Joanna and I adore her. I’d be happy to celebrate her at a lunch table or at a breakfast with just the two of us,” Parker said.

Ditto for actress Jennifer Westfeldt and former Hearst Magazines chairwoman Cathie Black, who has kept a low profile since her stormy tenure as New York City Schools Chancellor, but she stepped out Monday because she’s a big fan of Coles.

“First of all, I hired her,” Black said. Seated in one of the back tables, flanked by Pat Cleveland and writer Barbara Taylor Bradford, Black said she had high expectations for Coles’ turn at Cosmo. “She’ll bring energy, passion and make it more modern, which it should be,” she said.