After a successful pilot last year in Ann Arbor, Mich., PriceLocal — which connects consumers to local businesses who can match Amazon Prime pricing — launched today across the U.S.

Using a browser extension, the service “gives consumers the ability to browse on Amazon and then get exactly what they want from a local store willing to match the Amazon Prime price,” the company said. PriceLocal was founded by Matt Chosid, a former executive at Borders.

Chosid described Amazon as a “juggernaut that impacts the ability of local retailers of all sizes to compete, while consumers have the perception that shopping locally will be more expensive.”

“Shoppers can find and get something right away at a fair price while supporting the local economy,” Chosid added. “And local retailers can level the playing field with Amazon by turning local online traffic into increased sales and foot traffic.”

Chosid said the online service drives shoppers into stores, “where retailers can capitalize on their strengths — providing great service and putting products in shoppers’ hands today.” Participating retailers and shoppers don’t have to be Amazon Prime members to use the service.

Users visit to get and then install the extension for Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. They then click on the installed button, which sends a “price match request” to participating stores. “If a local store has the item and is willing to match the Amazon price, shoppers get a coupon for the item at that price, which they can print out or show on their phone when they go to the store,” the company said. The service also include a mobile Web app for the participating retailers.

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