A screenshot of an Instagram post from Anna Delvey's account that was deleted Thursday afternoon.

ANNA IN THE BIG HOUSE: Cooling her heels in Rikers Island as she awaits trial, Anna Delvey has hours to burn, but she isn’t passing time with a smartphone.

A few New York-centric media outlets took notice earlier this week when a selfie of the alleged scam artist was posted on her Instagram with the tag Rikers Island Maximum Security Prison. Born Anna Sorokin, the twentysomething passed herself off as a well-connected German heiress and allegedly fell $275,000 in debt at the expense of friends, hotels and banks.

The first Rikers-billed post to appear was a rooftop selfie of Delvey with Neffatari Davis, an 11 Howard concierge who amassed serious bills at the hands of her friend. “Thelma & Louise” was the caption. But the New York City Department of Corrections press secretary Jason Kersten cleared up the matter Thursday night. He said, “This photo was not taken on Rikers Island or from any DOC facility.”

That image, which along with the second Rikers-tagged post Thursday, has since been deleted from the account that identifies Delvey as a “retired intern.”

Then Thursday afternoon a second post appeared. Her nearly 49,000 followers found “theannadelvey Throwback Thursday’s [sic] @lecoucou_nyc,” which spotlighted a glass of white wine and what could be remnants of the salade de homard with sauce lauris. The faux socialite made a habit of hosting swanky dinners at Le Coucou and allegedly stiffing the downtown restaurant (among others) with a $30,000 bill. The dinery is housed in 11 Howard, where Delvey lived for a few months last year reportedly without a credit card on file.

Who is responsible for the posts remained a mystery Thursday night. Delvey’s attorney Todd Spodek did not respond to a call Thursday.

Despite the alleged grifter’s latest brush with bad publicity, the more glittery existence that she once reveled in appears be getting the celluloid treatment. Earlier this month, Shonda Rhimes’ Shondaland and Netflix acquired the rights for Jessica Pressler’s recent New York magazine article, “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People.” A spokeswoman for Shondaland said there was nothing to be shared at this time, regarding the series. She did not immediately respond when asked if anyone affiliated with Shondaland, Netflix or the series had taken over Anna Delvey’s Instagram account in recent days.

While most social climbers trying to stay in the spotlight in New York’s uber-overcrowded nightlife scene don’t abide by any guidelines, inmates overseen by the New York City Department of Corrections must abide by rigorous rules.

As the alleged con artist waits for her court date, she has a lot to contend with in her environs and it’s no joking matter. With 10 jails that can collectively house 15,000 inmates at once, the Rikers facilities include a jail for sentenced males, another one for sentenced and detained females and a detention center for adolescent males between the ages of 16 and 18. On average, about 9,000 people are on Rikers Island each day. That represents the bulk of the NYCD’s average daily inmate population of 11,400 people.

As for whether Delvey will be reprimanded for the mistagged Instagram posts, the DOC did not respond to that question Thursday night.

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