POP-UP PRESS: In the wake of the Brexit referendum, a new weekly — albeit temporary — newspaper has launched, aimed at all those who voted to Remain.

Published by Archant, The New European has launched as a “pop-up” paper that will run for four issues. The publication aims to be a voice for those affected by Britain’s vote to leave. It will also provide information about the Brexit process and progress alongside European news and cultural coverage.

“The idea was that it’s been an extraordinary time in the U.K., with 48 percent of the country feeling disenfranchised and no real print media voice to represent them,” said Archant chief marketing officer Will Hattam.

“The majority of U.K. press was pro-Brexit, with a couple of exceptions. And, really, the idea was to create an independent voice for pro-Europeans at the time when people who probably hadn’t thought a great deal about Europe were suddenly, intensely interested and intensely worried about the future,” he told WWD.

“How long that feeling will last we don’t know, but we saw that there was a definite opportunity for something that we call pop-up publishing to reflect it. If the mood continues and the interest continues, then we’ll carry on publishing. The whole idea was conceived from start to finish in nine days so it was a very last-minute, short-term project.”

He said commentary will come not from politicians, but “really respected U.K. and European commentators” about what it means for them to be in Europe. Contributors will include James Brown, the former editor of Loaded, the editor of Bild, which is the largest European newspaper. “It is a blend of commentary about Brexit, its implications and its progress as well as general features about Europe.”

The editorial team is led by Matt Kelly, Archant’s chief content officer. “I believe the 48 percent who voted to Remain are not well served by the traditional press and that there is a clear opportunity for a newspaper like The New European that people will want to read and carry like a badge of honor.”

The paper is priced at 2 pounds, or $2.67. Print issues of the publication will be distributed in newsstands and supermarkets in London, Liverpool, Manchester, the South of England and other areas where residents have voted to remain.

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