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Men'sWeek issue 03/07/2013

SHORT CUTS: Franco-German television network Arte said it plans to go ahead with the screening tonight of a documentary concerning Hermès heir Patrick Guerrand-Hermès, despite a court injunction banning producer Epiphène Films from broadcasting the film.

The “Hercule contre Hermès” (“Hercules versus Hermès,” in English) documentary relates an ongoing disagreement over land ownership near Tangier, Morocco between Guerrand-Hermès and a local family.

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The Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance, a civil court, ruled that it cannot be broadcast in its current form, because it reveals details that would allow the identification of the Hermès heir’s residence, thus invading his privacy.

“Patrick Guerrand-Hermès sued for the broadcast to be canceled,” a spokeswoman for Arte confirmed.

“The court ordered that certain scenes should be cut or blurred,” she added, saying that Arte nonetheless intended to broadcast the documentary as planned, since the injunction targets the production company, and not the television network.

A spokeswoman for Hermès declined to comment, saying the issue did not affect the house directly. Officials at the film production company were not immediately available for comment.