BACKLASH: Anna Wintour and the Barack Obama campaign are under attack by Republicans and conservative media outlets for a video the Vogue editor in chief made in support of the President.

The criticism began Friday but reached a fever pitch Tuesday with a pointed op-ed by John Podhoretz in the New York Post where he described the campaign ad alternatively as “head-scratching,” “hilariously wrongheaded” and “ridiculous.”

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In the video, released by the Obama campaign Friday, Wintour unveils a contest for two seats at an exclusive fund-raising dinner she’ll cohost later this month with Sarah Jessica Parker and the Obamas.

The video was released the same day a new jobs report from the Department of Labor showed an increase in unemployment, and Republicans jumped on the opportunity to paint the President as out of touch.

The Republican National Committee soon released its own video rebuttal where it played Wintour’s pitch over ominous jobs statistics. Conservative news outlets soon picked up on it. On his Sunday show, Fox News’ Chris Wallace described it as “a blunder.” And the criticism intensified Tuesday, with both Podhoretz and Rush Limbaugh adding their voices to the heckling. Wintour and the Obama campaign declined to comment. The dinner, on June 14, is still on.