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Bloomberg Live, the company’s events arm, is hosting a summit about diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workforce, the future of equality, and what is at stake for both the economy and society at-large. The daylong event, called “Business of Equality,” will take place on May 8 at Bloomberg’s headquarters in Manhattan.

Speakers and panelists span the world of business, entertainment and fashion including Diane von Furstenberg, Chelsea Clinton, Ashley Judd, Chelsea Handler and Bridgewater Associates co-chief executive officer Eileen Murray.

“In this conference, we want not just to explore as other conferences have and as, I think, everyone who is a sentient being is aware at this point of the issues we’re facing in the diversity inclusion space, but what we want to do is to use data to illuminate solutions and spotlight companies that are making progress,” said Bloomberg Live editor Mark Miller. “On stage, we want to highlight those solutions — and problems, frankly — because everyone is a work in progress in this area and we want to provide a place where there can be an actual discussion.”

The conference dovetails with efforts within Bloomberg to expand its diversity initiatives.

“This fits into a broader strategy in our newsroom to build more cross platform coverage of businesses responding to diversity challenges,” said Laura Zelenko, Bloomberg’s senior executive editor for talent, diversity, standards and training.

The event will tie in with an issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, and in coverage on the company’s digital platforms.

“There can’t be too much conversation about these issues,” Miller said. “Because we are Bloomberg, we focus on business and business metrics and business analysis. That’s our sweet spot, which helps differentiate this conference from others.”

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