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Bobbi Brown has a new podcast on the way.

This is her second venture into the growing medium, with her last series “Long Story Short With Bobbi Brown” debuting last year through Gary Vaynerchuk’s Gallery Media. But now, Brown is starting up again with iHeartMedia, which owns radio stations and a relatively new podcasting network. With her new series, dubbed “Beyond the Beauty With Bobbi Brown” and going live next week, Brown said her natural curiosity and unscripted nature is leading the way in interviews with the likes of makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, photographer Jake Rosenberg, Credo Beauty founder Annie Jackson and former J. Crew executive Mickey Drexler, whom she counts as a mentor.

“I’m doing this mostly because I’m curious,” Brown said. “People look at me as a teacher, but I still have so much I want to learn. I’m lucky that my Rolodex and my access to people is really big, because I get to be kind of a fly on the wall.” 

Moving to iHeartMedia also has a pragmatic element, as its audience is huge — it boasts a monthly reach of nine out of every 10 people in the U.S., so upward of 270 million people — and at least some of the podcast episodes will be syndicated. 

Brown, like a lot of high-profile people who start a podcast, also wants the new series to give listeners a chance to get to know her, as well as her guests. As a fan of several podcasts herself, particularly NPR’s popular “How I Built This” and the early beauty podcast “Fat Mascara,” she likes it “when peoples’ personalities come out.”

“This is totally unscripted. I bloop a lot — I still can’t say Mario’s last name, but we left it in the episode because it’s cute and real.”

As for her conversation with Dedivanovic (pronounced Dead-o-von-o-vik), Brown called it the time “the king of contour met the queen of nontour,” alluding to the natural beauty look she helped bring to fashion decades ago and built a major brand around. But she said the message she wants to send is “we can respect each other’s journey and makeup styles and still be friends.” And she admitted that the industry in general has changed over the years, to one that’s, while still competitive, a bit nicer and more open.

“I’m telling you right now, my generation, when I was going up in the industry, if you asked someone what lab they used, they would run in the other direction,” Brown said. “Now, I can’t tell you how many people have been coming to me offering help and advice with Evolution18.”

The brand, now a line of 15 wellness products and supplements with a beauty angle, has been “pretty epic,” Brown said. She’s actually headed to London next week Evolution18 is about to launch in Boots stores across the U.K. Even still, she said the brand is operating without an influencer budget for marketing. “Instead we have a list of ‘FOBs’ — friends of Bobbi — and everyone has been so supportive. It’s the favor bank, and when someone needs me, I help them.”

Beyond Evolution18 and its launch at Boots, Brown is keeping plenty busy with projects outside the beauty industry. There’s her ongoing project of the George Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel in Montclair, N.J., that she designed and operates with her husband Steven Plofker, a real estate developer. Another relatively new project is 18 Label Studios, a film and photo studio she and her husband started.

“I had been pinholed for years as a makeup artist, then a beauty expert, so when I left the [Bobbi Brown makeup] brand three years ago, it was like what else can I do,” Brown said. “There’s nothing focused about me.”

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