BONNIE JOINS THE POD: Podcasts seem to be all the rage.  Following the success of This American Life’s “Serial” podcast in recent months, media brands are clamoring to capture the audience and have begun launching new shows. Jumping on the podcast train last week was Reddit, which introduced “Upvoted,” a podcast network, and’s Bonnie Fuller.

The president and editor in chief of now has her own weekly program on, in which she talks about entertainment news, celebrities and pop culture. The podcast, which is also available at and on iTunes, debuted on Thursday.

The program features conversations between Fuller and entertainment types, marking a somewhat rare occurrence of an editor serving as podcast host. Slate editors have their own podcasts, for example, and editors at newspapers, such as The New York Times have their own programs, but Fuller’s program runs more like a show. Fuller’s first episode features her talking about TV show “The Bachelor” and later interviewing actor, producer and Youtube personality Frankie Grande, aka brother of singer Ariana Grande. She also chats with former New York Housewives star Aviva Drescher.