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There has always been a connection between the film industry and the cocktail since the early days of Hollywood. As America emerged from the devastating effects of prohibition (1920­1933), the Great Depression was in full swing. With millions of people out of work, they turned to the movies, drink, or both to find joy in their otherwise difficult lives. During Hollywood¹s Golden Era, stars and starlets were often depicted living the good life, dancing, smoking, and drinking, and these activities became  glamorous, even romantic portraits of a rich and decadent lifestyle. Over the last century, many classic cocktails have been referenced by name in the movies; indeed, many cocktails became classics because famous stars were seen drinking them on and off the screen. From Charlie Chaplin to Sarah Jessica Parker, celebrities have had a profound influence on the cocktail culture that is now a global phenomenon.

Most of the drinks in this book are simple classics or variations on a classic. Not everyone in the book was known for a particular cocktail, so I occasionally took the liberty of selecting a recipe that seemed appropriate based on characters they played throughout their careers.  Each cocktail is shot in crystal glassware that you are not likely to find in any but the most opulent bars. Lalique, Baccarat, Versace, Fendi (Luxury Living), Waterford, and Rosenthal Crystal have all generously contributed from their respective collections to allow me to showcase these classics in the manner in which they should be consumed. Accomplished photographer Harold Gottschalk is truly a master of light and shadow and successfully captures an organic composition in every photo. The celebrities listed in this book represent some of the brightest and most interesting stars in the history of cinema.

Each recipe includes an entertaining anecdotal story about the stars as they relate to cocktails, spirits, or drinking in general. It is important to note, especially with the living actors in this book, that the cocktails beside their name do not necessarily represent their personal tastes or an endorsement, just a loose connection to the body of their work as iconic Hollywood royalty.
Excerpt from “Celebrity Cocktails.” Copyright © 2014 and reprinted by permission of Assouline.

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