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Karl Largerfeld’s now famous cat doles out advice and reveals her ultimate likes and dislikes in a new book:

I Like…

• Going to visit the pilot in the cockpit

• Playing hide-and-seek in the bathtub

• Watching what’s going on in the house from my lookout post in the corridor

• The smell of juicy food

• Paris, Rome, New York, Dallas, Monte Carlo in winter, Provence in summer

• Sitting on Karl’s desk and throwing his pencils on the floor

• Hiding

• Running like crazy around the apartment

• South American music

• Ripping up paper (my favourite)
I Don’t Like…

• Taking off and landing (I stay in my bag)

• Room sprays and atomizers

• Shrill voices

• Perfume

• Water (and getting wet)

• Opera

Excerpt from “Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat.” Copyright (c) 2014 and reprinted by permission of Fammarion.

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