I love Yves Saint Laurent. His name is synonymous with style, elegance and high fashion. I love that I met him on top of the Eiffel Tower. I love that I always felt welcomed backstage.

I loved that he had such a passion for his work. I loved his vision. I loved how detail-oriented and hands-on he was, making sure every girl was perfect, standing there in his white lab coat inspecting them as they exited onto the runway. It was a privilege to watch his creative process.

I love how his designs empowered women, focusing on their strengths. I love his tuxedo; it transformed women’s evening wear. I love that I was his photographer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Yves Saint Laurent, 25 Years of Design” exhibit. I love that I called him “Yves” even though everyone else called him “Monsieur Saint Laurent.”

I loved his aura: strong yet vulnerable. I loved how passionate he was about his work. He was brilliant. I loved how his models reflected beauty across the spectrum. I loved that from the beginning he put the “Heart,” a piece of jewelry based on an early drawing of his, on his favorite ensemble show after show, year after year. I loved that the “Heart” was always delivered by his driver in a shoebox.

I loved that though he was extremely shy, backstage he was in his element, joyful and confident. I love that he had a silly side.

I loved that he was relaxed and comfortable around me. I loved that he trusted me, and my camera. I love that he inspired me to find my calling. I love that whether surrounded by a bevy of beauties or peeking out to see the models on the catwalk, every moment was a joyous photo op for me.

I love sharing these magical moments with the world so they may see Yves Saint Laurent through my eyes. – By Roxanne Lowit


Excerpted from Yves Saint Laurent, by Roxanne Lowit. Published by Thames & Hudson.
Copyright © 2014 Roxanne Lowit. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of Thames & Hudson Inc, www.ThamesAndHudsonUSA.com

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