Boucheron's Quatre ring

MAKEOVER TIME: Boucheron has launched an ad campaign as part of a brand overhaul that includes the revamp of its Place Vendôme flagship.

The moves come as the jewelry house gears up for its 160th anniversary celebrations next year and charts a course to gain ground with younger generations.

The ads project a graphic and contemporary look. They were fashioned with a design team who drew up an  architecture-inspired setting for a handful of signature pieces.

These include Quatre, a stack of four rings melded through a special watchmaking technique, designed in 2004.

The Serpent Bohême ring, with a pear shape meant to represent a stylized snake, was conceived in 1968 and is also featured in the ad campaign.

The image of each jewelry piece is blown up, set against a black background and ensconced in a frame, as if set in a store window. The image carries a light green border on the bottom that reflects patterns from the central column of the Place Vendôme. Sandstone blocs, known as “pierre de Paris,” flank the sides of the ad for Quatre. Above the ring floats a gray, stylized image of origami. Running across the bottom is the tagline: “First jeweler of the Place Vendôme.”

Some of the ads also carry touches of dusty rose, reflecting the style of the refurbishment of the Place Vendôme store, which is scheduled to finish before the summer.

The campaign will run in print and online worldwide as the brand seeks to increase the proportion of its online communications and raise its profile with younger crowds.

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