PHOTO OP: Kate Moss has reprised her role as cover girl — but for all the wrong reasons.

The model, who was escorted off an EasyJet flight at London’s Luton Airport Sunday for rowdy behavior, was the subject of many a tabloid front cover and op-ed in the British press on Tuesday.

“Kate Mess: Model’s EasyJet Meltdown” roared the The Sun, which carried an interview with scandalized — and amused — passengers, who described Moss’ behavior on the flight.

The Sun quoted passenger Ian Thorne saying the model “was behaving ridiculously and ‘effing and blinding’ her head off,” while another passenger said Moss had resorted to swigging vodka from her bag after she was refused any more on the flight.

“But she was not aggressive to anyone, and was funny, really. The crew’s reaction was out of proportion,” said the passenger.

British newspapers reported that Moss called the pilot “a basic b**ch” as she was escorted from the flight, which had arrived from Bodrum, Turkey. Moss had been celebrating Sadie Frost’s 50th birthday at a detox spa (the irony was not lost on anyone) with friends including Fran Cutler, Jemima French and Rose Ferguson.

Newspaper columnists ranged from the outraged to the awestruck.

Writing the Daily Express, Vanessa Feltz asked: “Why was Kate Moss ever the golden girl? Is the multimillionaire supermodel your idea of the veritable embodiment of female pulchritude? There’s something about her sullen silence … and persistent scruffiness that fails to enchant me,” she wrote, later calling the model “arrogant and self-absorbed.”

The Independent’s Grace Dent, instead, declared that “Moss, Madonna, Naomi and Rihanna” are all “gloriously, infectiously” unapologetic.

“Actually, the fact these women don’t yearn for approval is acutely positive,” she wrote, adding, “You can’t beat Kate Moss, you just can’t. We all need to make peace with that.”