Alexandra Shulman British Vogue

FASHION DOCUMENTARY: British Vogue has opened its posh doors to BBC Two, who will air the two-part “observational documentary” on Sept. 8.

Produced by Lightbox and filmed by Richard Marcer, the two 60-minute segments were done over a duration of nine months.

Macer documents the ins-and-outs of editor in chief Alexandra Shulman and her staff including fashion director Lucinda Chambers, creative director Jaime Perlman, and editor at large Fiona Golfar. The first episode features magazine shoots with Kate Moss, Edie Campbell and photographer Mario Testino and delves into preparations of the publication and special events coinciding with the centenary anniversary as well as international fashion week coverage. Events that marked the 100th anniversary included a gala, an exhibit at London’s National Portrait Gallery, a limited-edition coffee table book set for September, and a collection of special products done in conjunction with luxury brands.

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“At Vogue, we are more used to being behind the lens than in front of it,” said Shulman. “The process of being filmed over such a long period of time was intriguing although at times, testing.”

This is the first time the publication has allowed access for a televised film crew. BBC Two previously aired a documentary about British society magazine Tatler — another glossy under Conde Nast Britain — in 2014 titled “Posh People: Inside Tatler.”

“Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue” will air on BBC Two on Sept. 8 at 9 p.m. GMT.

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