The resurrection game continues over at Bustle Digital Group.

Over the past 18 months, BDG has been busy acquiring sites that were either dormant or about to be, including Gawker, Mic and The Outline, and has been slowly trying to revive them — with varying degrees of success.

That has included hiring former Details editor in chief Dan Peres to help bring Gawker back to life, although that didn’t last too long as the effort was killed and Peres and everyone else he hired departed.

BDG has made much more headway in the relaunch of Mic, which the company bought in a fire sale, relaunching it this summer with the hire of former Complex Media editor Shanté Cosme as executive editor.

As for The Outline, the Millennial-focused, general interest news site that BDG acquired in May, it has been employing a different strategy.

Since the acquisition, the web site has been pretty much business as usual and there are no plans for a relaunch. Instead, BDG has taken some of its technology to develop a new tech and consumer web site, Input. The site was launched on Monday, focusing on tech, design, style and culture, with the lead story on its site detailing “Nike’s quest to design the perfect sneaker for people with disabilities.” There’s also the typical review and what to buy sections.

While this is what one might expect from a consumer tech site, BDG is hoping that its design and format features taken from The Outline will help it stand out in a crowded market.

In charge is a familiar face — Joshua Topolsky, the founder of The Outline who BDG kept on as editor in chief of culture and innovation brands. As well as The Outline and Input, he works on Mic and Inverse.

In a statement, Topolsky described the new site as something that will speak to a new generation of readers — “people who feel technology isn’t just about devices, but something that touches every part of their lives.”

Jason Wagenheim, chief revenue officer at BDG, added: “There’s a major gap in how other media is covering the tech industry — not much has changed in the last 20 years.  As we launch Input, we’re rolling out new disruptive proprietary ad offerings to enable our brand partners to tell much richer stories at scale. Input is built around a stunning user experience primed for how consumers want their content.”

As for staff, Input has been filling out its masthead, although it hasn’t finished yet. Hires to date include news editor Cheyenne MacDonald, who was previously U.S. science and technology editor at, and senior reviews editor Raymond Wong, who was brought over from Mashable. Elsewhere, BDG pulled two editors from Engadget — Edgar Alvarez joined as a senior editor and Evan Rodgers as guides editor.

BDG is betting that its culture and innovation portfolio, which includes Inverse, Mic, The Outline and Input, will have 20 million unique visitors a month by spring 2020.

It also owns women’s lifestyle site The Zoe Report, Romper, Elite Daily and Nylon. The latter will be relaunched next year.

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