Behind the scenes of a Tasty Shoot for Fossil.

BuzzFeed’s food channel, Tasty has inked its first fashion client in Fossil.

Although it may seem odd that the manufacturer of accessories and watches would choose to advertise with a site known for its short recipe-driven cooking videos, Fossil said the move is a strategic one.

“This is about building up awareness,” said Jill Elliott, chief creative officer for Fossil. “The whole reason we’re doing this is because the content is so engaging. It’s about getting our name out there…we think we have the opportunity to appeal to a wide age range.”

The partnership is timed to a new release of smart watches, which are featured in the three cooking videos. The 60- to 90-second videos began rolling out this week. They feature three of Tasty’s most viral recipes. Chefs wear Fossil’s smartwatch and show viewers how it can be used in cooking.

Elliott said Fossil hopes to tap into Tasty’s Millennial audience, which according to BuzzFeed, reaches 500 million viewers worldwide. According to analytics firm Tubular, on Facebook, Tasty’s video views can total almost 2 billion a month, with many single videos amassing views in the 20 to 50 million range. On YouTube, Tasty’s fastest-growing channel, best-performing videos tend to amass about 2 million views.

BuzzFeed said that Tasty, which launched in July 2015, is the fastest-growing product this year, but declined to provide revenue figures.

Ashley McCollum, general manager of the food channel, said such growth has helped the vertical to draw in range of advertising partners that span food and beverage clients to non-endemic firms like Bank of America, other financial service companies and retailers.

“We’re seeing the interest from a range of verticals [clients]. It’s been pretty overwhelming,” McCollum said, referring to the volume of clients it has attracted in recent months.

Part of that growth is linked to the uptick in sponsored content, which makes up a fair amount Tasty’s videos. The company was unable to provide information on a split between editorial and sponsored video, but noted that it was reeling in advertisers who were paying upwards of seven-figures to be featured by Tasty.

McCollum said the channel is growing its reach across new verticals, television shows and perhaps via “branded experience in stores.”

Returning to Fossil, the company said that it plans on broadening its advertising plan to include more digital — not exactly the best news for print-centric publications. Fossil wouldn’t provide hard numbers on its ad spend for its current campaign. It did add that roughly 50 percent of it is “dedicated to various digital channels this year, followed by traditional channels including Fossil’s first-ever TV campaign.”

“We have been doing a lot of work in the past couple of years to get clear what Fossil stands for,” admitted Elliott.”We’re looking out to other industries, beyond fashion. We feel like Tasty goes beyond food.”

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