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BEIJING — Major senior staffing changes are taking place across the Chinese editions of T Magazine, Wallpaper and the soon-to-be-launched WSJmagazine, with two major appointments revealed for the latter, due to launch in November.

A memo written by Feng Chuxuan, the founder and chief executive officer of Huasheng Media Group, the firm in charge of the above titles, revealed the media musical chairs.

Feng himself is taking on the role of editor in chief of T Magazine, relinquishing that same position at Wallpaper. Dan Cui, the current editor in chief of T, will be moved to a coeditor position with the title and will continue working on various projects for the group, Feng’s statement said. However, it seems that he will have more of a back-seat role, and Cui has already updated his Instagram profile to read “former media person.”

Meanwhile, Wallpaper will be led by a core team of three: Huang Jun and Deng Yuan have both been tapped as editorial directors and Guo Jialu for the deputy editor role.

Zhang Fuhua has been named publisher of WSJmagazine China, while Fan Xia has joined the group in a business role to help launch the title. As reported, WSJ. is also getting changes within the English edition, which is setting up a digital team overseen by Sarah Ball.

Feng’s letter has been translated from Chinese in full below:

“Dear brand and industry friends,

I am Feng Chuxuan, thank you for the partnership and cooperation over the years since the launch of Huasheng Media Group. Due to new developments, I will share some recent group personnel changes.

1. After the completion of the August issue of T Magazine China (Arts and Entertainment edition) editor in chief Dan Cui will prepare China fashion industry special editions. At the same time, he will continue duties as co-editor in chief, overseeing and creating different media on fashion and other topics.

2. Starting in September, Feng Chuxuan will take on the role of T Magazine China editor in chief, while Li Sen will be appointed editorial director and culture editor of T Magazine China. Qian Xiaojing will continue to serve as the fashion director of T Magazine China.

3. Starting in September, Feng Chuxuan will no longer hold the role of Wallpaper China editor in chief. Subsequently, Wallpaper China will be led by a core team of three: Guo Jialu will serve as deputy editor, Huang Jun will serve as editorial director, and Deng Yuan, who was chief architecture and human design editor will become editorial director. Deng Yuan is a doctoral student at the architecture school of MIT and Tongji University, and is also a contributing editor of Huasheng, and is already working with Wallpaper China.

We will also welcome the launch of Wallpaper China’s intelligence and technology director in September, who will provide even more incisive reports on technology, artificial intelligence, new energy and other fields.

4. Ms. Zhou Jie has joined Huasheng Group as executive vice president, responsible for overseeing the operations of the Shanghai office as well as digital products. Prior to this, Zhou Jie served as the vice president of China Media Capital and was fully involved in the formation and management of Huasheng.

5. Ms. Fan Xia has joined Huasheng Media Group as deputy editor in chief, responsible for the overall development and management of the group’s international content operations and business development, at the same time preparing the launch of WSJmagazine’s Chinese edition.

6. Zhang Fuhua will join Huasheng Media Group as the publisher of WSJmagazine’s Chinese edition. Zhang Fuhua has more than 20 years of exceptional experience in Taiwan. In future we will, with Mr. Zhang Fuhua, meet with all of you.”