WELL-FITTING: NYDJ is rolling out its new ad campaign on Thursday, which features Christie Brinkley, body activist Ashley Graham and TV personality and model Lana Ogilvie as well as “Blue Bloods” actress Bridget Moynahan, who was in the prior campaign.

The 2016 campaign moniker is “Fit to Be.” The ads will showcase various emotions that complete the “Fit to Be” tagline, such as “Fit to Be Powerful” or “Fit to Be Sexy” as well as “Fit to Be Confident,” among others. The company said the campaign was developed in partnership with Toth + Co. and was shot by photographer TESH in New York. The campaign was styled by Inge Fonteyne, and includes both individual and group images of the personalities wearing NYDJ’s denim, pants, dresses and tops.

The campaign is running in print and digital channels, and will first appear in the spring issues of women’s magazines. The NYDJ spring collection is currently in department stores across the U.S. as well as on NYDJ.com. The company said the campaign “celebrates NYDJ’s signature Original Slimming Fit with a diverse and multigenerational cast that highlights the feminine strength and beauty of women of all ages and all sizes.”

Bob Skinner, president and chief executive officer of NYDJ, said “whether she’s a size 2 or 22, we hear from our customers that there is a distinct emotional moment when she slips on NYDJ and experiences our signature, slimming fit.”

NYDJ said the campaign includes activating a #FittoBe Instagram push starting Thursday and running throughout the year. “The social activation will feature 58 women of various denim sizes including the campaign faces as well as influencers, bloggers, magazine and retail partners dressed in NYDJ and promoting the hashtag, #FittoBe, while highlighting a distinct emotion they get from wearing the jeans,” the company noted.

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