CLOONEY, NO TWEETER: It’s true that George Clooney has been to a party in Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s home, but it’s not what you think. Clooney insists the Berlusconi meeting was about Darfur, not Bunga Bunga. “He showed me the bed that [Russian Prime Minister Vladimir] Putin had given him and asked me to stay for a party,” said the actor, who has a home on Lake Como. “I was like, I have to go.”

He was talking at the Time-Life Building in New York Wednesday afternoon with Time managing editor Rick Stengel, in a takeoff of the magazine’s weekly back page feature “10 Questions.” The event was held in advance of the premiere in New York of Clooney’s new film, “Ides of March.”

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The actor also talked politics and his media diet, noting he grew up running a TelePrompter for his father, former TV anchorman Nick Clooney. “You can tell, can’t you? My anchorman skills? I’m sitting on my jacket right now.” These days, he said you won’t catch him on Twitter. “I drink in the evening and I don’t want something I write at midnight to end my career,” he added. “It would be ‘you can kiss my ass,’ all spelled wrong.”

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