CNN Beauty

In the midst of its 24/7 coverage of Super Tuesday and the coronavirus, CNN hasn’t neglected exploring softer subjects, and they include a new beauty vertical.

Don’t expect YouTube style makeup tutorials, though, with CNN Style global editor Fiona Sinclair Scott telling WWD that this “isn’t your typical tips and tricks beauty section.”

“The way that we’re approaching beauty is a little bit different to what you might expect,” she said. “While I love those types of sections and I use them myself as a user of beauty products, I didn’t feel like this was necessarily the right way to go when launching beauty on CNN Style.”

Instead, the mostly features-based online section that will sit within CNN Style will look at why certain beauty trends develop, and what they tell us about society today.

“Our coverage will of course touch on the latest beauty trends, but our emphasis won’t be on providing guides to how to look a certain way. Instead, we’ll focus on why certain trends develop in the first place,” Sinclair Scott, who will be running the section out of the cable news network’s London office, added. “How we see ourselves, and how we choose to alter and style our image can tell a fascinating story about who we are.”

Giving a taste of what’s to come, the launch featured Chinese American photographer Andrew Kung’s thoughts on the desexualization of Asian American men, while writer, activist and artist Alok Vaid Menon penned a piece about their own experience of beauty as a visibly gender-nonconforming person. Elsewhere, there were articles about how beauty has become a type of protest for young North Korean women; why women feel pressured to shave; the surprising history of red lipstick and how technology is changing what it means to be human.

Beauty will appear alongside CNN Style’s existing sections — Arts, Design, Fashion, Architecture and Luxury, but don’t expect any immediate new hires.

“We’re working with the existing team. I have a fantastic team around me — a very small team but mighty,” said Sinclair Scott, adding that she’ll also be working with freelancers. “There’s no immediate plans to hire a beauty editor.”

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