COMMUNICATIONS MAJOR: Rebecca Taylor has embraced social media in all of its connectivity. The designer’s Web site features links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, but that wasn’t enough. Her latest project, a blog, aptly called La Vie RT, launches this month with a look at the making of Taylor’s fall 2012 fashion show, which was shot using grainy Super 8 film. The intentionally jumpy behind-the-scenes footage looks like an artifact from the Sixties or Seventies, which happen to be two of Taylor’s favorite eras. There’s cinematic tricks such as repeat images of a shot in the same frame that makes it feel like you’re seeing double or quadruple. When the action shifts from back stage to the models parading onto the runway, the film turns to color. Then the models leave the runway and are seen exiting through a back door, and the Super 8 style kicks in again. The shift from color to black-and-white makes it look as if the models have stepped into a time warp, with images of the Empire State building in the background.

Other postings on the blog feature Taylor’s disparate inspirations. They range from Daniel Kornrumphf’s emboidery portraits with the caption, “These lovelies are completely embroidered. Mind blowing!” to pages from the sketchbook of avian artist Catherine Hamilton. Beneath a photo of the Iris sandal, from Taylor’s collection, there’s the history: “When I was a teenager in New Zealand, I used to paint my shoes with red nail polish to glam them up — even bring the bottle out to the club with me for touch-ups! xxR” Taylor knows there’s no such thing as “TMI” or too much information for her customers, so shares personal stuff such as favorite restaurants, the Waverly Inn, but only for special occasions, and books, “Thérèse Raquin” by Emile Zola. “Kate Winslet read to me (I love audiobooks!) Fantastic book. Definitely think twice before murdering anyone. xx R”

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