VOGUE’S VIRTUAL NEWSSTAND: Condé Nast is looking to an old friend for an additional revenue stream — print.

The publisher has partnered with Amazon to make its arguably most-desired print product — Vogue’s September issue — available to Amazon customers.

According to Condé Nast executive vice president Monica Ray, the partnership will start with Vogue, and likely be extended to other magazines in the publisher’s portfolio. She signaled that they would be select issues of importance.

Even though newsstand sales have waned, the demand for certain editions, such as Vogue’s September issue, continues to thrive.

“We sell a lot of single copies in physical stores and so we thought, why not order it this way?” Ray offered, explaining that consumers are purchasing differently. Ray called it the “virtual newsstand.”

The partnership is a first for Amazon, which will provide support for all the shipping, meaning if a shopper is an Amazon Prime member, she’ll get her Vogue the day after ordering. If not, she may have to wait a few days.

The price for the telephone-book thick issue will remain the same — $5.95 — but consumers can order the magazine online and receive it as soon as August 14. Vogue’s September issue will go on sale Aug. 19. The issue will also be available for order internationally. Buyers will receive the magazine in a custom box.

Condé Nast declined to provide sales projections, but last September Vogue logged 359,705 total single-copy sales, according to the Alliance for Audited Media.

The company will go wide with its marketing campaign Tuesday with outdoor advertising in Los Angeles in New York. August issues of select Condé Nast titles will also feature details on the partnership, as will select magazine Web sites. Orders can be placed on Amazon.com.

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