Condé Nast has formed a data group called Condé Nast Spire for advertising clients.

Spire is powered by 1010data Inc.’s insights platform. Last year, Condé Nast parent company Advance acquired 1010data for $500 million.

Spire makes use of Condé’s behavioral data and 1010data’s purchasing insights to help clients identify, target and optimize “correlations between consumers’ content consumption and their purchase activity,” the New York-based publisher said.

According to Condé Nast chief digital officer Fred Santarpia, Spire gives Condé “the ability to optimize campaigns in real time and on a highly personalized level.”

Data collected through the group helps build “mirco-segments” focused on advertisers’ business goals, as well as timed messaging. In order to achieve this, the company uses algorithms.

Spire, which is in beta, offered an example of its insights, noting that among electronics customers, “people who consumed more humor, design and politics in video format had a higher propensity to buy computers. When computer recommendations and reviews were provided to this segment, purchases were made 25 percent sooner.”

Additional findings included that among big beauty spenders, consumers under 25 were “more engaged in spa and travel content, while those over 25 preferred culture and celebrity content,” the company said, which enables it to “create the right types of content to optimize campaigns and significantly improve performance in real time.”

Edward Menicheschi, chief marketing officer of Condé Nast and president of Condé Nast Media Group, said that combining Conde Nast’s content and audiences with Spire’s analytics will enable the company “to elevate performance to a whole new level.”

Greg Munves, president of 1010data, added that “Condé Nast Spire extends analytics from online behavior to actual sales,” calling the publisher’s platform “a highly innovative solution that focuses on real-time optimization by merging content consumption, purchase data and other third-party data to demonstrate much more granular and valuable outcomes to marketers.”

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