LONDON —, Condé Nast’s e-commerce and omnichannel shopping proposition, launches today in the U.K., with a Continental European and American rollout to follow later this year.

The web site will aim to offer a luxury shopping experience alongside shoppable options from titles including and The company, which identifies its customer as “very fashion aware” will launch with men’s and women’s wear items. The company has signed over 300 brands, some of which will be launched at a later stage and have cultivated a range of collaborations.

“Something very special that we are doing is a big partnership with Colette,” president Franck Zayan told WWD. “Not only we will have her curated inventory on, but Yasmin Sewell and Sarah Andelman have been creating a series of exclusives with some of the world’s best brands which will be co-branded; this creation of products will be ongoing — for this first release we will have Christopher Kane, Coach, J.W. Anderson and Mansur Gavriel just to name a few. We are doing quite a few special exclusives directly with brands, like Roksanda, Vetements, Re-Done, Marni and No. 21 for example. These will all be arriving from September through the end of the year.”

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The site design which aims to be a “beautifully curated luxury e-commerce experience” will launch with images from various publications within Condè Nast. “We have access to the best content, being part of Condè Nast, that means that we will be able to use inspiring pages from Vogue, GQ and Condé Nast Traveller to start with and curate them to serve a commerce environment,” said Zayan. “We have also developed an incredible piece of technology that will learn from the customer’s behavior and make the shopping experience more personalized with time and that, along with our team of fashion experts, is going to serve suggestions and alternatives for products based on the customer’s preferences. Finally, we are collaborating with the world’s best brands to create amazing exclusives and a big assortment.”

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With a content-led mind-set, defining their strategic plan and product vision was key for Zayan when negotiating partnerships. “Of course creating a bridge between content and commerce was not enough, we wanted to connect inspiration and shopping and give customers access to products when they’re on or, for example,” said Zayan. “We also wanted to build a place where brands would feel ‘at home’ with a marketplace environment, where they would get a better sense of control over their brand DNA and the experience we provide customers.”

The new site will roll out in the U.K. with Vogue and GQ initially. The site will eventually encompass all Condé titles internationally.

Readers will be able to buy through two channels, the magazines themselves and As reported, won’t hold any stock, and the brands — which will eventually range from fashion to food and wine to travel — will take care of fulfillment.

Zayan has a positive outlook for the e-commerce site and the brand plans to roll out marketing initiatives after assessing feedback from shoppers. “Condé Nast has invested in to build a business for the long-term,” said Zayan. “Our expectations are high and our ambitions are big. We’re launching in the U.K. first and will then progressively deploy in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. We are launching in the U.K. at the beginning of September with the biggest marketing push kicking in later in the year when we will have spent some time listening and learning from our customers and expanded into other territories, initially Europe followed by the U.S.”

Earlier this year, the company rolled out a series of digital teasers on its social media platforms. The site, which poses the question “What is” features the work of collage and abstract artists to get the message across.

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