Condé Nast Italy on Tuesday unveiled the new version of GQ. First introduced in the country in 1999, the magazine has a new editor in chief, Emanuele Farneti, who was hired in 2015 to cover the same role at parent magazine Architectural Digest. Farneti replaces Carlo Antonelli, who left the publishing company in December.

GQ is currently part of Condé Nast’s men’s and lifestyle division, which was established at the end of the year, along with the women’s department. Vanity Fair and food magazine La Cucina Italiana have been reunited under a third business area.

According to the men’s division director, Stefania Vismara, Condé Nast’s decision of revamping GQ under the guidance of a new editorial team is aimed at meeting the needs of contemporary readers who are in continuous evolution and also further increasing the magazine’s business, which is registering positive results.

Vismara said that in the first three months of 2016 GQ’s revenues were up 3 percent compared with the previous year, when the title saw its business increasing 10 percent from 2013.

According to data provided by Webtrekk, GQ’s audience currently counts more than 3.4 million readers across different media platforms, which include a Website, social media and events. In particular, ended January at 2.4 million unique visitors.

“GQ has a potential audience of a bit more than 5 million readers, which are aged between 25 and 34. Two-thirds of them are married with no kids or very young children,” said Farneti, citing a research conducted by GfK Eurisko for Condé Nast Italy. “These people don’t have so much time to dedicate to their passions so our goal is mainly to both select the most relevant things and be an authority in the market with a strong, unique point of view.”

According to Farneti, GQ will try to talk about consumers’ needs in a narrative and contemporary way, “communicating the Italian sense of style.”

Even if fashion will represent a main topic, the magazine will also feature pages dedicated to a range of markets, from watches and cars to design and culture.

“GQ will offer its advertisers from different businesses an efficient platform…to communicate their brands,” Vismara said.

For the launch of the first issue, hitting newsstands today, Condé Nast released a multichannel advertising campaign with four Italian movie actors appearing on the magazine’s covers – Stefano Accorsi, Claudio Santamaria, Pierfrancesco Favino and Alessandro Gassman.