Cosmo Vote T-Shirt

Cosmopolitan is teaming with Rebecca Minkoff to encourage young women to vote in the primaries.

“After the 2016 election, obviously the political environment is drastically different, and so is our reader. She’s fired up, and she cares,” Cosmo’s digital director Jessica Pels said. “So this new initiative is about pushing one step further. It’s not just about being engaged in the election process in general, it’s about being smart and doing it as early as you can.” 

The initiative, which is called #VoteTwice, is designed to get Cosmo readers politically engaged on the local level by voting in the state primaries, which are held between March and September, as well as in the November election. Rebecca Minkoff designed shirts, which will be available for $48 on her web site, that look like concert Ts — except primary dates are listed in lieu of tour dates. All proceeds will go toward Ignite, a nonpartisan nonprofit that helps women run for office.

“It is so important for women to get out and vote and let their voices be heard. I am so proud to promote positive change with an impactful, optimistic message of inclusion and educating those about voting in their states’ primary election,” Minkoff said.

Cosmopolitan is working with Rock the Vote and Ignite to register readers to vote, and the effort will be promoted across Cosmo’s social media channels. 

Even though the polarizing 2016 election is the catalyst, the idea is for it to be bipartisan.

“We want every young person in the country, no matter their political leanings, to go to their primaries and their midterms and to cast ballots,” Pels said. “We think that the more young people who are engaged the better, period.”

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