MILAN — Italian gastronomic magazine La Cucina Italiana continues to expand globally. In September, the Condé Nast Italia publication will be available digitally in the U.S., and become available in the U.K. in November, starting with a site and a social media presence, followed by dedicated events, the Cooking School, and lastly with the magazine. The goal is to also head to Germany, France and Spain after these launches, according to Condé Nast Italia. The 90-year-old magazine is already present in the Czech Republic, Turkey and Serbia.

“Going to the United States is an adventure,” said Maddalena Fossati Dondero, director of La Cucina Italiana, and it “is a way to communicate our cuisine in its purity, [not didactically] without taking the role of a professor, enhancing the territory and its ingredients, creating a culture of flavors and a new awareness of the quality of products.”

Counting on more than 25,000 recipes and with original video and written content, the magazine handled by Condé Nast has already shown a 12 percent increase in its diffusion since the beginning of 2019 compared to the year before. With an audience of five million single users per month on its site and a base of 1.5 million followers on social media, the strategy is to export the Italian wine and gastronomic culture focusing on the know-how and made-in-Italy skills as well as their commercial resources, accompanying the Italian brands in their communication abroad.

Francesca Airoldi, sales and marketing general director of Condé Nast Italia, which bought La Cucina Italiana in 2013, said “the mission is not only to export the excellence of made-in-Italy cuisine and food,” but also to “accompany Italian brands thanks to careful communication attentive to requests and needs of specific foreign markets.”

Supported by a network of local freelancers coordinated by the Italian team, 30 percent of content will be original and local, while 70 percent will be adapted from the Italian content.