A screenshot of Dazeddigital.com

ONLINE OVERHAUL: Dazed Media, the fashion and youth culture network that publishes Dazed, Another, Another Man and Hunger magazines, today relaunched its web site dazeddigital.com. The new site is a complete overhaul, with an updated layout, individual designs for each section and an improved user interface. The mobile site will also include new specialized features, like the ability to swipe between articles.

Thomas Gorton, editor of dazeddigital.com, decided to redesign the site in order to better cater to the shifting interests of its readership. He has bolstered this move with the recruitment of three new editors at large: London-based avant-garde musician Gaika will cover politics; Lauren Bowker, self-proclaimed alchemist and founder of The Unseen, will report on science, and Shon Faye, a long-term collaborator with Dazed, will be in charge of the web site’s LGBTQI content.

“I’m proud to relaunch Dazed’s web site with a new design befitting of the stories we publish and the artistic communities that we work with across the world,”said Gorton. “These are exciting moments for us, stay tuned on Dazed for an accelerated, bolder version of our previous online iteration. It’s going to be fun.”