PHILADELPHIA — Journalists, politicos and celebrities escaped Monday’s sweltering humidity, triple-digit temperatures and downpour to fete female leaders ahead of the first night of the Democratic National Convention here.

Elle Magazine and the Center for American Progress Action Fund cohosted the event, which took place at Union Trust, a local restaurant near Independence Hall.

The party welcomed actress Debra Messing, editor at large Melissa Harris-Perry, Democratic pundit and managing director of SKDKnickerbocker Hilary Rosen, writers Rebecca Traister and Joan Walsh, as well as Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily’s List, former Sen. Tom Daschle and Suno designer Erin Beatty.

Messing, a Hillary Clinton supporter, posed for photos with Elle editor in chief Robbie Myers before talking about her role at the DNC this week. “I’m going to speak on Tuesday and I’m actually going to be singing on Wednesday along with a group of Broadway superstars at the convention,” Messing told WWD.

Although she has been active in politics in the past through President Obama’s campaign, she said she hasn’t had this level of involvement. “I’ve been on the trail, I’ve been out to L.A. and I spoke out there. I was [here] in Philly last Wednesday,” she said. “I’m all in.”

In regard to the somewhat contentious “Bernie or Bust” campaign, Messing said she believed by the end of the convention, Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters would unite and support Clinton as the party’s presidential nominee.

“I believe they will unite because even when the primaries began, Bernie and Hillary had already voted 93 percent of the time in the Senate exactly the same. They weren’t so far off, ” she said. “Now, because of all the amazing things that Bernie has brought up…now the platform has adjusted even further. It’s even more progressive. I think that over the course of the next few days — when people come out and speak about the issues, the issues that really matter — I think that’s going to resonate. They are going to realize that’s the most important thing to help our country.”

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