KIM JONG-UN’S STYLE: The controversial and flamboyant Dennis Rodman is the Westerner who has spent the most time with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, all in the name of spreading the glories of basketball. DuJour magazine’s upcoming summer issue has an interview with Rodman and gets him to talk about everything from Kim to fashion and more.

In the interview, which the magazine already has posted on its Web site, Rodman says Kim isn’t particularly style conscious but “his wife is. They’ve been married two years. She don’t dress like a typical [North] Korean. She likes Gucci, Versace. She dressed really cool. And Kim dressed pretty much in black, gray, brown. He made me two suits. They come right there and make a suit for you in two hours.”

The interview already has generated buzz because it helped DuJour founder Jason Binn get Donald Sterling on the phone to discuss the controversy surrounding the Los Angeles Clippers owner. In a brief phone conversation, Sterling admitted to DuJour that he wished he had paid off his former girlfriend V. Stiviano. Binn, who was in Washington for the White House Correspondents Association dinner over the weekend, extended his stay in order to appear on CNN tonight to talk about the Sterling and Rodman with Wolf Blizter.

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