Bustle Digital Group

BUSTLE’S HUSTLE: Bustle Digital Group has set up shop in the U.K. with the launch of a dedicated platform. In addition to the women’s magazine Bustle, the group’s stable of sites includes Romper, a site for Millennial moms; Rachel Zoe’s The Zoe Report, which the company bought in March, and Elite Daily, The Daily Mail’s Millennial-focused site that Bustle acquired last year.

Since Bustle Digital Group launched in 2013, it has amassed a following of more than 80 million readers with 45 million unique visitors alone driven through the main Bustle site in the U.S. Prior to expanding in the U.K., Bustle said it was reaching 3 million unique visitors from the region.

Jason Wagenheim, chief revenue officer at Bustle Digital Group, said it was a logical move for the company. “We realized that we’re bigger than our competitors like Popsugar and Refinery 29,” he said.

“We’ve got our eye on reaching 5 million unique visitors in the next 12 months, based on our research and looking competitively at where we are, I think that is a respectable number that will deliver scale, but also a very differentiated point of view on content,” he said.

Their U.K. digital strategy will mirror that of their U.S. counterpart and it will focus on “resonating coast to coast.” U.K. content will target the entire country, not just the London city girl, principals said. The U.K. site is aiming to publish 10 to 15 stories a day following the same U.S. verticals — politics, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and technology.

“We will focus on all the things that are important to a Millennial woman,” Wagenheim said. “The biggest point of differentiation for us is the relatability factor. Women see themselves in our content and I can’t stress that enough. That is what has fueled our success in the last five years in the States,” he said.

Bustle has poached Charlotte Owen from Condé Nast Britain to support this vision. Owen was digital strategy editor at Vanity Fair and Tatler and she now heads up the U.K. Bustle division as executive editor.

Jack Gillespie, former sales director at Mashable, has taken on a new role as vice president at Bustle. Charles Thomas Wolfe joins Gillespie from Mashable as senior account manager to head up U.K. marketing operations.

Bustle also plans to bolster its social media strategies with dedicated U.K. channels. Wagenheim said the U.K. instagram account launched in the beginning of last month and has already accrued nearly 3,000 followers.