Charlize Theron in the new J'Adore ad.

GOLD LINK: Parfums Christian Dior on Wednesday unveiled its latest spot for the blockbuster fragrance J’Adore, which features Charlize Theron frolicking by the sea and desert hills.

It was shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who has lensed the J’Adore campaigns since 1999.

“With every film, the house of Dior wanted to make this woman evolve and understand her role in the world, defining a rapport with luxury. This film follows on from the previous one, which saw her climbing towards a salutary ‘elsewhere,’ having eliminated the superfluous,” he stated, referring to the advertisement set in the Château of Versailles. “It has a new, radically different beginning. She no longer needs to escape, as she is now totally free, immersed in regal nature, almost naked and rid of all artifice. Her vision of the world is essential, designating what is of primordial importance: protecting our planet and in particular, the water that is our new gold. She tells us that luxury can have meaning.”

The images of Theron were filmed in natural light at around 6:15 p.m. and not retouched. The dramatic 44-second YouTube spot shows the barely clad actress in a lightening storm, under the sun – running and frolicking in the water – and standing under swirling clouds. It  is backed by a remix of Woodkid’s “I Love You.”

“I touch the rain, I look at the sun, and it says run. I watch it all turn, the water, the earth, the sun and me. J’Adore. We are gold. J’Adore Dior,” she says.

The ad ends with a silhouette of the perfume’s bottle against a sunset.

Theron has been J’Adore’s face since 2004. The fragrance, which was created by Dior perfumer-creator François Demachy, is  a bestseller. It contains Comorian ylang-ylang essence and a note of Turkish Damask rose.