WELCOME BACK: The Beatrice Inn, one of the fashion crowd’s favorite haunts, is back in business after a month or so of renovations.

Executive chef Angie Mar is still in charge of the kitchen albeit with a reworked menu. Her title now includes owner, since she bought out Beatrice Inn’s former owner Graydon Carter for an undisclosed sum a few months back.

Diane von Furstenberg will be first in line to host a private party in the former speakeasy that dates back to the Twenties. The designer has booked the West Village address for Sunday night’s dinner for her new chief creative officer Jonathan Saunders.

Mar has developed a loyal following, thanks in part to former SNL-ers Abby Elliot and Kristin Wiig and designer Tom Ford as well as Brooke Shields and Rose McGowan. As her Instagram followers can attest, Mar is “really into” her aged dry beef. Just last week she was busy smoking wild boar with cherry and oak at London’s installment of Meatopia. Her carnivorous tendencies might explain why meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda’s name is often on The Beatrice Inn’s reservation list.

And the next installment of “Tea at the Beatrice With Glenn O’Brien,” a series of talks with interesting newsmakers, will be filmed Sept. 14. O’Brien plans to sit down with filmmaker Baz Luhrmann at the historic New York landmark.

Diners returning to the Beatrice Inn may recognize the disco ball that once graced the ceiling during the site’s nightclub days under Paul Sevigny. Less familiar is multidisciplinary artist’s Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos’ neon installation “Coup de foudre,” which has been installed through a partnership with Free Arts NYC, a nonprofit that provides art classes and mentoring to underserved families in New York. Imprinted with “Emotional Supplies,” the message is supposed to highlight the relationship diners have with their food and to try to encourage sharing in person and through social media.

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