SHOPPERS, TAKE YOUR MARK:  What’s wrong with retail? Elle aims to find out with an initiative throughout 2017 called “Why You’re Going to Love Shopping Again” that will encompass new editorial features on the changing landscape; events, and partnerships, with a focus on new technologies and broadcast and digital alliances.

“Our readers love fashion, designers and clothes. They love to shop and we’ll look at shopping in all its forms,” said Robbie Myers, editor in chief of Elle. She said editorial coverage will include articles on everything from the psychology of shopping to what motivates destination shoppers, and personal shopping at all levels. She said there’s no question there have been big changes in the mechanics of shopping, new retail experiences, an explosion of online options and a maturation of technology. “Our reader believes deeply that fashion is key to showing the world who she is and, for her, shopping is not simply a transactional experience — it’s an emotional one,” Myers said.

Elle’s September issue launches “Style Across America,” a 10-page portfolio featuring women from five cities — Boston, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans and Denver — who Myers called “local avatars of personal style; the cool, chic women who put fashion to work in their own distinctive ways.” The next installment will be in the January issue and will recur nine times throughout 2017.

“Jetsetter,” a new bimonthly feature, focuses on a worldwide hunt for luxury, as defined by today’s global citizen. In September 2017, Elle will incorporate a new piece of technology, currently in development, that looks to change the way its readers, and ultimately every reader of print, will shop. Further, the magazine will conduct a retail survey with a soon-to-be named partner on the state of shopping today. Results of the research will be shared in Elle and at a retail symposium. Based on what they learn, the magazine will partner with Tech:NYC, an organization that promotes tech companies and talent in New York, to work on initiatives to develop new technologies that will serve the fashion and retail industries. Finally, Elle will ask women across the country to nominate their town and tell them why it deserves to be a style capital featured in the title.

“One thing we know is our magazine moves product. More readers take action and purchase things in our September issue than any other magazine,” Myers said. “We are the workhorse, but we’re also the show pony.”