FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Kim Kardashian may be Skechers’ favorite poster girl, but her ex-Reggie Bush is all about Equinox these days. The NFL running back shows off his chiseled physique and uses a well-worn pickup line in a video that goes live Monday on Equinox’s Q blog. Before getting into his black Maseratti, Bush asks a ponytailed trainer, “Do you wanna go back to my place?” Bush “cracked up” when he found out what his one-liner would be, according to Equinox’s executive creative director Bianca Kosoy. “I told him, ‘Yeah, I think this is a line you will nail because you have probably used it many times before. When I told him what it was, he cracked up and said, ‘Yeah, I think I can handle that.’”


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His place turns out to be the Miami Dolphins’ Sun Life Stadium. Bush’s ripped companion then puts him through the paces, having him pull her on a linebacker sled, snap heavy ropes and do chin-ups on a field goal post. The helicopter that appears circling overhead with a spotlight at the end of the 90-second content spot was merely a lucky break. The chopper appeared out of nowhere but Project Dstllry’s production crew was quick to capture it. Even the home town hero was impressed. “Reggie said, ‘Wow, Equinox really goes big for everything,’” said Equinox’s creative director Bianca Kosoy. “We were honest with him and told him we hadn’t. Sun Life Stadium was closed for a month for repairs and we had the run of the place with all the lights on. Either somebody tipped off the police or the press.”

And Bush lived up to his man-about-town reputation, inviting the whole crew to a nearby nightclub after the shoot.

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