Erin and Sara Foster have been called “It” girls and celebrities. The Hollywood sisters have exploited their social media-driven fame with their parody TV reality show “Barely Famous.” On Friday, they’ll have another platform, #PrettyInfluential, The Outnet’s New York Fashion Week activation.

The Outnet hopes to capitalize on the popularity of the acid-tongued sisters, who are known for sharp wit and thinly veiled sarcasm. The Fosters will be featured in six episodes of #PrettyInfluential, and will be seen navigating NYFW, including trying to secure front row seats and other style-centric indignities.

And speaking of famous, the Fosters’ stepsisters are Gigi and Bella Hadid. While not big-name models, the Fosters are attractive and blonde. Their outfits — and there will be many wardrobe changes each day — will be coordinated by The Outnet based on trends seen at the previous day’s shows. If consumers like what they see on #PrettyInfluential, they’ll be able to buy it.

“The importance of this is that the content will be shoppable,” said Andres Sosa, executive vice president of sales, marketing and creative at The Outnet. “The team will come up with the looks the Fosters will be wearing. We don’t know what we’re going to capture. The team will create a custom list each day.”

If it does what it’s supposed to do, #PrettyInfluential “will generate content that will drive traffic and convert the traffic to sales,” Sosa said.

The Fosters won’t necessarily coordinate the designers they wear to the shows they attend. “We will be, hopefully, featuring those brands, but it’s not necessarily going to link to the shows,” Sosa said. He gave the example of Sergio Shoehunter, a dachshund with a GoPro camera strapped to his collar, who captured footwear trends at London Fashion Week.

“Sergio was incredible,” Sosa said. “It took shoes to one of our top-performing categories during the period we were live. In this case, it will be more trend-driven than category-driven. The team is ready to curate and come up with great [resources] that speak to what the Foster sisters are seeing in New York.”

Sosa said The Outnet approached the Fosters with the #PrettyInfluential concept and they liked it immediately. “The Foster Sisters are renowned for their fun and irreverent take on daily life,” Sosa said. “The definition of being influential is interpreted differently by everyone and fashion week is where it comes into play the most. We wanted to have fun with the term and the Foster sisters are perfect to represent this. We thought they were a really good match for us. We take fashion seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously.”

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