Tamu McPherson Instagram

As the fashion seasons change, so do the social media tools the fashion crowd uses to record them. The new kid on the block is Instagram Stories, which is now making its prime-time debut at New York Fashion Week.

The feature lets users post content that disappears within 24 hours, which allows more regular usage and posts that aren’t as pristine as many permanent Instagram posts have come to be. It also helps users embellish images and videos with filters, text and emoji and draw on posts with three types of pens.

Already, media outlets, influencers and brands have adopted a few trademark moves. One common trick is to scribble with a pen to add a background for white text or circle key details.

Instagram’s Eva Chen is particularly fond of the neon pen, and offered this pro tip: “If you hold down any of the colors, you can choose from a spectrum,” she said. “I could see brands like Warby Parker or Glossier using this tool so that they always have writing in their signature colors.”

And although Instagram just added the ability to zoom in on permanent Instagram posts, it also lets posters add zoom to stories by holding down on the video circle and swiping up. “I use this to show details as well as for comical effect when making a point about something,” Chen said.

“People use their profiles as a place to show highlights — the beautiful moments and inspiring scenes they see,” she said. “Stories is the place for more unedited content, the making of, the behind the scenes. During NYFW we get the coolest/craziest invites. You might not post every single one on your Instagram, but you can on Instagram Stories.” Model @oliviaculpo, for example, uses it to post recipes, she said, while Barneys New York did a Stories series that went behind the scenes at a shoot and included a beauty tutorial.

Tamu McPherson, a blogger at All the Pretty Birds and style director at creative agency Out There, has a fashion week strategy of posting two to three images each day on Instagram while documenting the entire day’s events on Stories with video and detail pictures using the zoom feature. She also likes to introduce friends and people not normally shown on her Instagram feed. She likes to follow the Man Repeller and Refinery 29.

“Stories elevates the fashion week Instagram experience, giving followers a 360-view into fashion week,” she said. “Stories allows you to share the mood and vibes from the shows and presentations that you are attending in a super candid way.”

And Thakoon Panichgul has used Stories to provide a more in-depth experience than he would typically share on his Instagram profile. After his Thursday night show, the account included a shot of every look and sent fans to thakoon.com; as has been the trend this season, the designer showed fall, and many of the looks were available to shop online and in store.