Matt Bellassai, the third guest style arbiter in’s Tastemaker series, a former Buzzfeed comedy writer and self-proclaimed nerd, has lent some of his most popular tweets to a capsule collection. The line of 18 products, which will be available on Aug. 3, includes tote bags, T-shirts and more, with slogans such as “The scariest thing about becoming an adult is that no one knows what’s going on, ever” and “Friendly reminder to just not.”

Some of the sayings were coined by Bellassai during his video series, “Whine About It,” where he got drunk by himself and “violated many human resources rules,” Fab said. The series earned Bellassai a People’s Choice Award for best social media star.

The Fab-exclusive collection is Bellassai’s first venture into creating products. Other items include mugs, prints and coasters immortalizing his sayings through hand-lettered designs.

Olivia Harris, Fab’s head of partnerships and collaborations, said, “Matt Bellassai is one of the funniest guys in pop culture and we had a great time bringing his witticisms to life with this hilarious collaboration.”

Bellassai graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism in 2012 and then moved to New York. He suspended his Buzzfeed show earlier this year and signed with CAA to broaden his reach, embarking on live comedy tours and seeking opportunities in TV and books.

Bellassai has 286,150 Twitter followers, while his Facebook page most recently received about 430,000 likes.