Facebook begins allowing users to share and view Live Photos.

Now Facebook users can share even more details about their lives.

Starting today, Facebook will allow some app users to begin uploading and sharing Live Photos, a type of image introduced by Apple in September. Live Photos, as iOS users know, are a 12-megapixel image that captures the movements and sounds just before and just after an image is taken.

The capability to share Live Photos on Facebook will slowly become available throughout 2016, and any users running iOS 9 on their iPhone or iPad will be able to view them by pressing and holding the image. For now, only people can upload Live Photos — so Pages, and brands, cannot (yet).

Uploading Live Photos is much the same as uploading a traditional still photo; the concentric circles indicate that the image is a Live Photo.

Earlier this month, Yahoo-owned blogging platform Tumblr implemented Live Photos in its iOS app. And in September, Facebook began letting users upload a short video as a profile photo. To date, Twitter has not begun allowing Live Photos, but as more social networks begin to incorporate the capability, Live Photos might become more common.

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