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For magazine brands on social media, Facebook and Instagram receive top booking.

According to the Magazine Media 360° Social Media Report, Facebook is the clear leader, claiming almost half of the total magazine media industry likes and followers on social networks and platforms. Facebook-owned Instagram has grown 16 percent; it’s the fastest-growing of the platforms measured, and for the first time it surpassed Twitter among the participating magazines.

The top magazine brands, meaning combined likes and followers across the networks, were National Geographic Magazine (at more than 85 million), followed by ESPN The Magazine, National Geographic (the account has different names on various networks), Vogue, The Economist, Time, Playboy, Forbes, National Geographic Traveler and People.

The report, released by the MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, studied the second quarter of 2016 ending June 30. It used data from SocialFlow to study 200 magazines from 37 companies and looked at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. Snapchat was not included.

Facebook added 23 million new page likes in the quarter, for a total of 438 million, and Instagram gained 21 million new followers, for a total of 211 million. They were trailed by Twitter (13.8 million added), Google+ (3.5 million) and Pinterest (1.7 million). Twitter has 206 million total, Google+ has 157 million and Pinterest has 26 million.

Vogue led the charge among fashion magazines, at No. 4, with a total of more than 35 million combined followers. Then came Elle (in 11th place), Cosmopolitan (12th), Glamour (18th), Harper’s Bazaar (19th), InStyle (23rd) and Teen Vogue (24th). Elle has slightly more than 16 million followers; Cosmopolitan 13 million, Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar each have 11.6 million; InStyle 11 million, and Teen Vogue just more than 10 million.

For men’s fashion and lifestyle magazines, Facebook was clearly the most dominant platform. On the women’s fashion and beauty aisle, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were more closely matched.

National Geographic won out on Facebook and Instagram, while ESPN the Magazine was the top brand on Twitter, The Economist was the top magazine on Google+ and Harper’s Bazaar led on Pinterest.

Town & Country has clearly been making a push for social; it had the largest follower growth in both Instagram (101 percent) and Twitter (192 percent). Autoweek grew the most on Facebook, while Mopar Muscle grew the most on Google+ and The Atlantic had the largest growth on Pinterest.

Facebook in July said that it had made a tweak to its algorithm that would prioritize content from friends and family in its News Feed, with media-company content taking a backseat.

SocialFlow’s chief executive officer, Jim Anderson, said that this might have been reflected in what has already been a decline in Facebook reach. However, he said that because Facebook often experiments with changes before revealing them permanently, it is possible that magazine brands have already witnessed the majority of the impact.