Megan Acheson and Meagan Yednock, Tumblr

Tumblr gives designers and retailers the opportunity to tell their own story — whether it’s a campaign presence, evergreen or even reblogging content found elsewhere and curating it from a brand’s page.

Megan Acheson and Meagan Yednock, Tumblr brand strategists, said that most fashion brands use Tumblr to develop a global presence, often integrating it with one’s digital flagship. But there are also thousands of independent content creators who have amassed large followings on the platform. Either way, the end result is a highly engaged community.

Designed for discovery, the majority of content on Tumblr is consumed within the dashboard — the platform’s version of the “news feed.” Acheson explained that there are two faces to Tumblr — the Web facing side and the blue dashboard that users see when they log in, which allows them to “stream endless content.” Eighty percent of users spend time within the blue dashboard and the average time spent per visit is 16 minutes.

“You want to make sure it [your content] is stand-alone and can tell a cohesive story,” said Acheson. “[The Tumblr dashboard] democratizes the whole creative community. This is meaningful for the Millennial market.”

They cited Topshop, Club Monaco, TJ Maxx, Diesel and Patagonia as companies that understand the medium. The Gap did a submission-based “What’s Blue to You” campaign last August — and four user-generated images were chosen to run in an all-day global mobile takeover on Tumblr’s app.

Tumblr, acquired by Yahoo last year, will “double down” on mobile in 2014, according to Acheson and Yednock. Fifty-two percent of traffic and activity comes from the platform’s mobile app, and the area will remain a key focus going forward.

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