Portfolio.com’s fashion blog is back — although with a changing cast of characters. Instead of hiring one writer to cover the beat, the Fashion Inc. blog will feature a number of guest writers with “serious experience in fashion journalism.” This week, Lisa Marsh, formerly of the New York Post, has posted entries about Mulberry, Hermès International and Revlon, among others. The spokeswoman said a few different bloggers will appear throughout the summer, but she declined to comment on what will happen after that. Lauren Goldstein Crowe left her posting duties at Fashion Inc. in March, after her one-year contract expired. At the time, it was unclear how the Web site would cover fashion, with some claiming the magazine didn’t want to invest heavily in the category. However, a spokeswoman said at the time: “We will continue to cover fashion aggressively on the Web site — it’s too important a business category not to cover. As the site has evolved, our needs have changed.”

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