CHANGING TIMES AT FASHIONISTA: The Breaking Media-owned site Fashionista is making some changes to its masthead. Lauren Indvik, editor in chief of the fashion-centric site, is moving to the role of editor at large after two years on the job. Senior editors Dhani Mau and Alyssa Vingan will fill Indvik’s role and share the title of editorial director.

According to Breaking Media chief executive officer John Lerner, the transition is similar to that of Lauren Sherman, Fashionista’s former editor at large, who left over the summer. “It’s a really grueling job,” Lerner said of the editor in chief’s role. “This is an opportunity for her [Indvik] to actually write.”

Lerner said he doesn’t think Indvik’s move will change the voice of Fashionista, which is also in the process of bringing its advertising sales team in-house. Previously, Say Media ran Fashionista’s ad sales. Say divulged plans last year to exit the media business and stick with sites such as XoJane, among others. Say recently sold Jane Pratt’s XoJane and XoVain to Time Inc. The upheaval at Say and Breaking Media’s growing portfolio of business-to business-driven sites, such as Above the Law, health-care site MedCity Media, energy site Breaking Energy and government sites Breaking Gov and Breaking Defense, has triggered speculation of a Fashionista sale.

When asked about that, Lerner told WWD: “I have no comment on rumors of a sale. Our goal is to grow the company.”

He added: Fashionista “appears to be an outlier” [in a company] that is “more [business-to-business],” but “Time Inc. has Fortune and InStyle.”

While the comparison fell a little flat — both Fortune and InStyle are consumer magazines — the point that a publisher can own a variety of disparate properties remained.

Lerner said he plans to add three jobs, including a head of sales, at Fashionista, which he said pulls in about 2.7 million users a month.

“There’s a finite amount of people who read Fashionista,” he offered. “We’re not trying to be all things to all people.”

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